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Photo updates

Patpong night club


Here are a small sampling of the latest photos I’ve taken on my trip to Thailand. 

Posted: March 1st, 2006
at 12:14am by John

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I’m in Thailand!

Tuk tuk in the rain

I’m in Thailand for the next few weeks so posts will be a bit few and far between but trust me as soon as I get state side I’ll be posting like crazy. In the meantime I’ll be sending photos to my space on Flickr. You will be able to keep up with my photo adventure in the lad of smiles. Enjoy! 

Posted: February 22nd, 2006
at 8:44pm by John

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High Rez Thailand

Map of Thailand

In February Thailand will introduce their own version of Google Earth. The CD or web based system will use the NASA World Wide Wind map engine (a great program BTW) to provide high resolution images of the country of Thailand. Sounds very cool as I’ll be there in a few weeks, I could use a map that lets you see the city from 15 meters altitude. 

Digital Thailand

Posted: January 2nd, 2006
at 11:11pm by John

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Flying Dead Toad Used For Smuggling in Bangkok Prison


Now that beats a file in a cake any day.  

Flying dead toad used to smuggle SIM cards into Bangkok prison

Posted: November 3rd, 2005
at 9:43pm by John

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The Pope-mobile has nothing on these guys! On one had its cool that these have been invented but on the other hand its sad that they are needed. Due to the increased violence in southern Thailand by the Muslim minority, some motorcycles have been outfitted with sidecars made of protective plastic.

Monkmobiles and saffron bulletproof robes

Posted: October 17th, 2005
at 6:56pm by John

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Own Your Own BMW!

Paper BMW

Think you will never own a BMW? Think again! You can if you don’t mind it being a tad on the small side…

BMW Thailand

Posted: October 3rd, 2005
at 6:41pm by John

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