Buy OSx86 Retail… in Bangkok

Hee, nice to see that I’ll still have a fun time looking (yes, just looking) at all the pirated software in Bangkok on my next visit.
Looks like the local boys have been quick to see a void and fill it by offering a ‘retail version’ of OSx86 for 300Baht (apx $7US). I bet they get a lot of pissed off people coming back telling the pirates that is dosen’t work on their computers. I wonder if they get a refund of store credit…

OSx86 Project – Buy OSx86 Retail… in Bangkok

Luxe Asian City Guide Books

This is the fist I have herd of these travel guides, sounds like i should be picking up the ones for Bangkok and Hong Kong! Not that I’d be able to afford most of the things listed in their guide books but it is nice to know that they are there.
Concise and hip, the Luxe guide books are updated twice a year and are very affordable (about $9US). Each is packed with information on the best things you can find in each city plus ‘secret’ things that only the contributions (the live in the cities they write about) know about.
The guide books cover most major cities in the Pacific rim area:

Ho Chi Minh City
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka

So if your going to be visiting any of these places you might want to pick up a Luxe book and see what you might be missing.

Luxe City Guides

Rocket Festival in Amphoe Selaphum


This happened back in June but it’s still pretty cool to read about. The rockets that these guys build are pretty scary. If one of those blew up near anyone there would be parts all over the place, and not just rocket parts!

I finally had the chance to witness the famous Rocket Festival, a (non-Buddhist) tradition observed only in parts of Roi-et and Yasothon provinces to ask ‘the Gods’ for rain at the start of the rainy season. The exact date and organizing villages change every year, but it is usually held on a weekend in the middle or at the end of June. Participants from around 5 or 6 villages will come together and fire their self-made rockets into the sky. This year my girlfriend’s home village was organizing the event.

Rocket Festival in Amphoe Selaphum

Catfish For Dinner Again?

Mummmm, catfish

Yow! That is one huge fish! I used to have a catfish in my aquarium and it grew pretty large, I can see how this sucker could just grow and grow if there was nothing to stop it. It topped out at seven inches long, not anywhere near the six plus feet the Thai fish was. The artical also says that the Mekong River Basin is home to more species of massive fish than any river on Earth, can a National Geographic special be very far off? I hope not, I want to see a special on monster fish!
I wonder if they could deep fry a fish of that size, it’s a popular way to cook fish over there. Quite good if you don’t mind a lot of bones.

Grizzly-sized catfish caught in Thailand

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