Trebuchet Reloaded

Popsicle trebuchet

Today I received a comment about the Paper Trebuchet I blogged a while ago:

>Hi, John.
>Im about to build a cardboard trebuchet 4 my assignment but the site is currently unavailiable.
>can u please send me the plan if u still have it,thx.

Well heck, I checked the site I mentioned in my original post and discovered that sure enough the plans are no longer there. The site looks pretty broken to me.
So I sent this to Geniusjeff2002 in hopes that I can still be of some help.

I just sent him an e-mail asking if there is another location to download it from, if I get a message from him I’ll post it here. I can’t find the one I downloaded from his site anymore, its lost on my hard drive. 🙁
In the mean time here is a more complex plan, it looks very cool. Ripcords Tennis Ball Trebuchet
If that is too complex then go with the Popsicle Stick Trebuchet (main page). This would be amazingly strong for its size and still be quite easy to build.
If you have any LEGOs about the house, I bet you could use them in place of the Popsicle sticks.
I hope this helps a bit and best of luck on the assignment.

Both the plans I found are quite good. The Popsicle one looks easy enough you could build them in a class room (if your insane enough to do somthing like that). So if anyone is looking for the paper trebuchet plans and can’t find them either give this one a try.

I submitted this to the MAKE blog and it was accecpted. Some less forgetfull reader than I noted that the Wayback Machine had an archive of the original Paper Trebuchet page! Very cool!
Build a paper trebuchet

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2 thoughts on “Trebuchet Reloaded”

  1. i dont see any plans for the popcicle stick trebuchet… but if you could send them to me that would be awesome. i have to build one for my physcis class by tomorrow. and i am having a lot of trouble by just looking at the picture. thanks
    [The only plans i have seen are on that page, click on the link ‘Popsicle Stick Trebuchet‘ and you will be set. Best of luck. -John]

  2. Hi i really want the plans for the popsicle stick trebuchet could you please send them to me and p.s youre AMAZING”!!!!!!!!!!!

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