Ramen In Space

I remember seeing the famous Israeli milk ad that was filmed on board of the MIR space station when I was at an airport in Japan. Talk about surreal! A little while ago I posted an article about the instant noodles that were made especially for the Japanese astronaut on board the space shuttle Discovery. Now there looks like there will be yet another out of this world noodle dish avaliable for us Earthbound consumers.

Starting next month, Nissin Food Products will shoot a promotional spot on the International Space Station for Cup Noodle, featuring a sales pitch by a hungry Russian cosmonaut.
The commercial will air in Japan in November as part of Nissin’s “Cup Noodle No Border” campaign,.
Space Films will send a high-def camera to the space station aboard a Russian rocket launch Oct. 1 and direct the filming from Russia’s Mission Control Center outside Moscow.
If you’re looking for extraterrestrial publicity, the agency will be leaving the camera at the space station in the hope of shooting more advertisements.

Ramen noodles shoots ad in space