Russia to Mars in 2009



The Russian space agency is planning, for sure, to send a mission to Mars. Stage one will be a sample and return mission to the moon Phobos. Now this plan isn’t a new one, the Russians have been sending probes to Mars and it’s moons for some time now. Back in 1988 the Phobos probes were launched but failed to complete their missions to study the moon Phobos. There have also been a number of landers but most have either failed in route or lasted only moments on the surface. Some orbiters have, however, brought back volumes of photos of the surface. This new mission will try to bring back samples of Phobos in order to find out more of how the solar system was created answer other scientific questions about Mars. The program hopes to have stage one launched by 2009 and a lander on Mars by 2011.

Russian mission to Mars in 2009 official