The End of SciFi is Near


I was watching TV and just saw that something called "ECW" is coming to the SciFi channel soon. Now, not knowing what ‘ECW" was, I looked it up and much to my dismay I discovered that it’s "an alternative brand of wrestling suited to fit the SCI FI Channel’s commitment to fuel the imagination". Huh, howzat? The page goes on:

Research tells us that there’s a healthy appetite for wrestling among SCI FI viewers," said Bonnie Hammer, President, USA and SCI FI Channel. "With ECW, we’re able to deliver to those fans unique action with a twist that’s perfect for SCI FI.

What research is this? What does wrestling have to do with science fiction? Is this some sort of bid for yet more programming that is aimed at the lowest common denominator? That’s right you stupid suits, aim for the ground because it’s hard to miss. I can’t think of ANY people that enjoy science fiction that also get hot for wrestling. The only staged fighting that most science fiction fans like is between robots. This new ‘alternative programming’ is sure to provide maximum suckage and proof that SciFi will soon go the way of TechTV.

ECW on SciFi 

One thought on “The End of SciFi is Near”

  1. Thats an awesome post. “What research is this?” “Aim for the ground because it’s hard to miss.” !!

    Wrestling is, from what I’ve heard, like a soap opera for men with a healthy dash of latent homosexuality. Most of my friends when I was young enjoyed wrestling, and one was actually a rabid Star Trek fan AND enjoyed wrestling, but I believe he is an aberration.

    It’s a shame about TechTV…

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