Another Tiny PC

Need a small PC for somthing? Don’t care if it runs Windows or not? Here you go, this computer might be for you. I’m thinking this would make for one hell of a brain on a robot. With all the USB ports you could interface sensors and if you needed more storage you could pop in a multi gig compact flash card in the CF slot.

Fanless Design
VESA mounting support (as depicted at right)
Processor — 166MHz Pentium (MMX-capable x86)
x 3IUs
Memory — soldered-on 128 MB SDRAM
Input/output ports IDE
10/100 Mbps Ethernet
3 x USB V1.1
Optional RS232 Expansion — CompactFlash slot
2.5-inch hard drive mounting
Ultra-low power
PXE diskless boot
"…MicroClient Jr. supports most any version of Linux not based on Gnome, KDE, or other heavy desktop frameworks. He suggests using FWM95, ICEWM, XFce, or Fluxbox instead…


Tiny, sub-$100 PC runs Puppy Linux