Bird Flu Awareness Cosplay

Bird flu cosplayWhen I first saw this I thought it was some form of bad cosplay gone worse but then I realized it was part of an avian flu awareness campaign. Last time I was in Bangkok I did notice a definite lack of live chickens just about anywhere. There was lots of cooked chicken to be had (mumm… street food!) but I’d saw that the government is doing a good job of getting the word out. I know that you can raise those darn things just about anywhere, farms, back yards, a cage in your apartment… No, I don’t have personal experience with keeping chickens in my apartment but I just know these things. Don’t ask me why.

Officials from the department of medical sciences wear chicken outfits, while holding signs that read "eating cooked chicken is safe" in Bangkok August 23, 2006. Bird flu has spread rapidly since late 2003 from Asia to Europe, killing at least 141 people so far. In Thailand, the virus has killed 16 people including the latest one in early August since the H5N1 virus swept across parts of Asia in late 2003.

[via Neatorama]

Bird Flu Awareness Costume Party.