Thailand Bans Alcohol Advertising


Now this a bold move, first was a ban on the advertisement of alcohol and now the national drinking age has been raised from 18 to 25. I wonder if the new caretaker government that was put into place a few weeks ago might be planning on some even more drastic changes in the way things are done over there.

The legal limit for purchasing alcohol is now 25. Deputy Chief of the Disease Control Department, Narong Sahamethapat, was quoted yesterday as saying that the idea was proposed by a network of parents early this year during a public hearing of a draft bill to control alcoholic drinks. From now on, alcohol free zones include:
– Universities
– Schools (and any other places of education)
– Temples
– State Offices

Gone will be the constant reminders of the 100 Pipers that are there to give Thais a warm fuzzy feeling on a Friday night.

Metroblogging Bangkok: Public Health Minister bans all alcohol advertising