Invisible UAV?

Aero Single Rotor UAVOk, not 100 % invisible but it’s just going to be a whirring blur if you happen to spot one. The craft is powered by two propellers at one end and uses just a half of a wing to fly. Huh? Half a wing? Talk about cutting costs… Lift is generated by having the plane spin around its center of mass that is in space back behind the wing and between the motors. This gives an impressive amount of control to the craft while making it very hard to see. When coupled with the VeraTech proprietary panoramic camera system this will provide video surveillance within 75 feet of a target. The system is very light, only four pounds for the two foot version.

I seem to remember seeing plans for a model airplane that used a half propeller and a counter weight on it. This was in some papers that my father had from back in the 40’s and 50’s. He was pretty big into model planes back then. I don’t remember why it was made like this, perhaps it was to get higher speeds on the old ‘U-control‘ planes.

[via new scientist

VeraTech Aero Single Rotor Phantom Sentinel