Barbarella Remake On The Way?

Wikipedia - BarbarellaPromo.jpgWith news of a Flash Gordon remake coming soon I’m not sure I can take another ‘re-imagining’ of a science fiction classic. Yeah, I just called Barbarella a classic. What can I say, I liked the film. I have my reasons, and if you’ve see if I think you do too. It has it’s, er.. finer points. Ans you can’t deny that it had an influence on the world. What would have the 80’s pop band ‘Duran Duran‘ called themselves if they hadn’t seen the movie?

Producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis have completed a rights deal that will allow them to reinvent "Barbarella," and the producers have set "Casino Royale" scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to pen the script.

There is no time table set yet, so we could have a few years to mull this over.

‘Barbarella’ back in action

Go grab a copy from Amazon if you somehow missed seeing the original.
Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy