Variable Polychromatic Sunglasses

Electrochromic sunglassesResearchers have come up with sunglasses that can change hue and density at the flip of a switch. It works by altering the charge of an electrochromic polymer that is sandwiched between the lenses of the glasses. So far the researchers have created glasses with stable elements that change from clear to dark blue and less stable glasses that are in green or orange. A multi colored unit is in the works.
I’m quite happy to see research like this being done. Although I have to admit that I had an idea like this almost 20 years ago. My idea was not as simple as single variable density lenses but incorporated a LCD matrix and sensors to provide a high dynamic range of vision that we can currently enjoy. Oh well, I have lacked the funding to pursue this project but if any venture capitalists are out there looking for an investment drop me a line.

Smart Sunglasses Change Color on Demand