Apple Macbooks Shutting Down?

Macbook by Gridman 

Could Apple’s Macbooks have a serious problem? I don’t mean the one where the plugs fall out or the cases turn colors when you use them, I mean that the notebooks will just up and quit on you. As documented here and here, at least one user is having just this problem. have any other of the shiny Apple users reported this problem yet, or is this smoothing that is yet to hit the blogosphere. I hope that this is an isolated event, I want to buy one of these puppies and would hate to discover that they hold some deep dark secret in the form of random power offs. That would suck, and not in a good way either.


MacBook Weirdness

No iPod? No Problem!

iTunes Agent I recently started using my Viewsonic V36 PDA as an MP3 player. Yeah, I know, Earth shaking news ain’t it. Well as I use iTunes as my music orginizer I knew that I’d be jumping through hoops to get music on to the PDA. You don’t know how happy I was when I found this app.

iTunes is a great music player and organizer. Unfortunately iTunes is made to only synchronize with iPods. Not everyone own an iPod, though Apple certainly would have loved that. How great would it not be if you could synchronize your non-iPod MP3 player, your Playstation Portable and your Walkman phone with your iTunes Library? Enter: iTunes Agent!

It works great, heck I told a guy at work about it and he’s using it to sync his phone to his library.

iTunes Agent

MacMINI in an SE/30

Mac Mini SE/30





How can you case mod an Apple Mac mini? Car mount, Millennium Falcon, kitchen-ized, G5-ized,even turned into a toilet paper dispenser (!). This mini mod brings back on of the classics of Apple history. The SE/30 was quite the computer for it’s time. With it’s 16 MHz 68030, 9 inch screen, and a max of 128MB or RAM it was able to be a server as well as a desktop machine. Remember when those were specs you would drool about? Yeah, those were the bad old days… Well, this SE/30  is back on the A list with the transplant of a shiny new Mac Mini. The mini was wired into the case along with a new grey scale monitor to make a truly cool computer.

MacMINI in SE30

Nike + Apple = Personal Theme Music

Apple Nike IPod

As soon as I saw this the first thing that popped into my mind was "Cool I can have personal theme music!" Apparently Nike will be selling special shoes that have a sender sensor in the insole that will transmit information about your workout to a receiver that fits into an iPod Nano. This will let you load up you Nano with music from iTunes that will match you workout. Now, I suppose you could just wear the sensor shoes around during your normal work day, this way the music you load becomes your personal theme music. How cool is that? Just like Peter Griffin in that episode of Family Guy where he had three wishes. I understand that there will be a ‘power song’ selection that will let you have your chase music for running across a street or your sneaking around music for using your 733t ninja stealth to grab that last cruller from the office kitchen.

Cool Hunting: Nike x Apple = Nike Plus


Big Brother Looks Like an Apple?

Now this is neat. Implant gobs of imaging sensors between the LCD pixels and have a chunk of software assemble the output as an image. Sounds Orwellian (yeah, that’s what everyone is saying about it…) to me. Might be handy though, I’m sure that advertisers will love this sort of thing, it so reminds me of Max Headroom.

[via core77

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