Apple Ad Ripoff?



Hum… Apple has a this ad for their new Intel powered computers that looks a whole lot like a video by a group named "The Postal Service". After seeing both of them I’d say that there are similarities, quite a few of them. Who ever was the company that made the Apple ad nailed the look of the Postal Service video 100%. I don’t know if the ad agency that Apple hired did this intentionally but they got their moneys worth on the viral marketing angle by coming close and then planting the seed of suspicion in people’s minds and banking on everyone making a big deal out of it like a bunch of mindless sheep. Well I say ‘BAAA!’. Yep, I’ll play the game. Heck, the music video is good, the song is even better (I was looking for the name of that band for quite a while), and its always funny when a computer company calls the customers of it’s newest partner ‘dull’. Hard to beat that. BTW, I won’t be upset if someone hits up my donation button big time so I can stop being a ‘dull’ Intel customer and become a ‘dull’ Apple customer.

Apple Ripoff

OK, Genius, fix this one!


This sounds like something I would do, in fact I once went in to an Apple store and asked if there was any hope for my beige G3. The first ‘Genius’ looked at me blankly and called a coworker over to see if he knew what the heck I was talking about. What do you know, turns out my G3 doesnt have an upgrade path at all and should be retired ASAP. Good thing I didn’t tell them about the G4 CPU card that I had installed and the fact the web page that I was browsing at the Apple store was being served up by it. OS X might not run fast on it but it does run.
Anyway, this is an amusing photo of a guy that brought in his old SE asking the counter help at the Genius bar of his local Apple store about if he could upgrade it. I’m with the Engadget guy, I bet they said he could add a bit of memory and that’s about it.

OK, Genius, fix this one!

The Cult of iPod

Looks like there will be some new Apple porn at the book stores around mid November. It’s just amazing at how there’s a culture growing up around the Apple line of equipment. I wonder what is would have been like if it had happened to IBM. Would we have had mlillions of people gleefuly going through life batch processing data and wearing black ties and button down white shirts? Oh wait, I guess it did. Anyway, the Cult of iPod book should be a good read for anyone that enjoys the ‘Mac Lifestyle’.

The Cult of iPod Book