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Alton Brown

Ah, Good Eats is about the only cooking show I can stand to watch (yeah, I watch the Food Network sometimes). Mostly I’d say its because Alton Brown makes the entire learning process fun and entertaining. Might be because he isn’t a professional cook. Yep, that’s what I said, not a cook. He only took up cooking after deciding that he wanted to make a cooking show. His day job before the ‘Good Eats’ gig was as a video producer. Did music videos and gobs of commercials for TV. This would explain the high production values of his show. His big reason for doing the show is because when he was a kid he never thought that learning was fun enough and decided to change all of that. From all the people I’ve talked to he hit the mark big time. I like the fact that his shows don’t tell you just how to make one food item but the process behind how cooking works. That is exactly the sort of program that catches my attention. Plus its also a show that my wife and I can watch together, even if she expects me to put into practice my new found skills come dinner time. Umm… yeah… I’m not quite there yet. Maybe in a year or so.

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5000 Channels and Nothing On TV

Lots of dishes

This is just wild. The guy gets like 5000 TV channels off his dozen or so antennas. Not too shabby. This reminds be of the bit I did a while back on TV DX’ing. That used just your normal TV receiver to pull in the distant stations, but this guy is using all sots of old small dish satellite receivers to tune in the transmissions that come in as they say, ‘free to air‘. That translates as he "gets them for free ’cause no one encrypts them". 100% legal and it happens all the time. Some networks don’t even bother to encrypt anything (GASP!)

You can do this stuff yourself, all you need are some dishes and a receiver that can pickup these un-scrambled transmissions. Pretty soon you’ll be grooving to news air checks and weird foreign shows. I’d like it because I might be able to receive ThaiTV. Not only would my wife like it but it might improve my weak grasp of the Thai language a little bit more.

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Dishing it out

Champagne cork parachute


Umm.. Yeah. Stock up on these for the Yew Year. Or better yet, as the animated GIF is better at telling how it works  than the patent papers, build your own. Ya know, nothing says ‘I’m a geek’ louder than a parachute on a champagne cork. Come to think of it, a cork parachute and a 2 liter bottle of something fizzy (I’ll go with baking soda and acid of choice for home chemistry, vinegar) should make for some weekend fun.

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Champagne cork parachute