DIY Nikon IR Remote Shutter Release

Nikon Remote 

If your serious about photography and own a Nikon DSLR you might want to have a look at this project. It’s simple enough, he programmed a PIC microcontroller to fire off a series of pulses to an infrared LED that will trip the shutter of a Nikon D70 (should work with other Nikon cameras too, it emulates an ML-L3 remote). It’s a clever project, and easy one too.

Nikon IR Remote Shutter Release

How to make a Coin Ring

Coin Ring This like DIY has been floating around the ‘net for a while now and if you have any solid silver coins that are now in mint collectors condition you couls make one of these. Looks very easy and you don’t need too mamy special tools (a hammer and a moto tool are the biggest)

How to make a Coin Ring
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