PrimoGraf Drawing Machine


Sometimes the simple things are the best:

The PrimoGraf is a hand cranked drawing machine. Using wooden gears with prime number based gears an infinite array of drawings can be made. It comes complete with 7 gears, 2 set of rods and penholders so you can create many variations. Different setups can be achieved instantly by simply picking different holes.

Made of walnut, basswood, and solid brass and hand crafted in Portland, Oregon.

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leafpdx — PrimoGraf Drawing Machine.

Halo Jetpack!

A nice little PR stunt for the upcoming Halo Reach game from Bungie Soft. I wish that jet pack technology was a little more advanced so the flights were more than 20 seconds long but then again jet packs do exist. Perhaps some clever engineer can devote some time and energy to developing a new and improved version once they get done zapping the bad guys in Halo.

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Microsoft Halo Reach page
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Super 8mm Film, Cameras, Resources and Information

Recording motion in the form of moving pictures has gone through many stages. It started out as chemically processed film and was eventually replaced by analog magnetic tape. As time passed and technology advanced, the magnetic tape was replaced by digital memory devices with no moving parts and a much lower cost. Continue reading “Super 8mm Film, Cameras, Resources and Information”

How to make a Coin Ring

Coin Ring This like DIY has been floating around the ‘net for a while now and if you have any solid silver coins that are now in mint collectors condition you couls make one of these. Looks very easy and you don’t need too mamy special tools (a hammer and a moto tool are the biggest)

How to make a Coin Ring
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